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Dow Technologies Earn Two 2017 Edison Awards
MIDLAND, MI - Two innovative products from The Dow Chemical Co. recently received 2017 Edison Awards. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation. Dow’s CANVERA™ Polyolefin Dispersions for metal can coating received a bronze Edison Award. A silver Edison Award went to Dow’s ACCUTRACE™ S10 Molecular Fuel Marker used to combat fuel tax evasion....
World first bioplastic solution to growing coffee cup waste
SOUTHAMPTON – Biome Bioplastics aims to help slash coffee cup waste with its world-first plastics for takeaway beverage cups, made from plant-based sources. Never before have such bioplastic materials for disposable cups and lids been made that are fully compostable and recyclable, while still performing like petroleum-based plastic under heat and stress. Market research has shown most consumers want their takeaway coffee cups to be sustainable, more than half agree that current options come at too much of an environmental cost and a third would avoid buying products using takeaway cups because of this. The British bioplastics manufacturer has unveiled a range of bio-based plastics for cups and lids to enable retailers and packaging manufacturers to offer consumers a more sustainable option......
Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics
Synthetic rubber and plastics - used for manufacturing tires, toys and myriad other products - are produced from butadiene, a molecule traditionally made from petroleum or natural gas. But those manmade materials could get a lot greener soon, thanks to the ingenuity of a team of scientists from three U.S. research universities. The scientific team—from the University of Delaware, the University of Minnesota and the University of Massachusetts - has invented a process to make butadiene from renewable sources like trees, grasses and corn.......
NIST invents fundamental component for 'spintronic' computing
NIST has been granted a patent for technology that may hasten the advent of a long-awaited new generation of high-performance, low-energy computers. Conventional microelectronic devices, for the most part, work by manipulating and storing electrical charges in semiconductor transistors and capacitors. Doing so requires a lot of energy and generates a lot of heat, especially as process engineers keep finding ways to pack more and smaller features into integrated circuits. Power consumption has become one of the principal obstacles to much higher performance.....
Revolutionary method reveals impact of short circuits on battery safety
How lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries behave under short-circuit conditions can now be examined using a new approach developed by a UCL-led team to help improve reliability and safety. The use of high energy density Li-ion batteries is ubiquitous – from powering portable electronics to providing grid-scale storage – but defects can lead to overheating and explosions. Although catastrophic failure is extremely rare, recent high-profile cases including the recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone line and the grounding of an aircraft fleet highlight why it's important to understand battery failure....
Scientists Find A Way To Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis: Can It Solve Global Warming?
Global warming and the excessive build-up of greenhouse gases are arguably the greatest threats to the Earth's environment. As such, scientists and environmentalists have been trying to find a viable way through which the problem can be effectively resolved. A research performed by a professor from the University of Central Florida, may have finally uncovered a way to induce a process similar to photosynthesis which in turn can reduce the excess carbon dioxide in the environment......
Magic Leap Demonstrates The Potential Of Augmented Reality Via Video: This Is The Future
Secretive Florida-based startup Magic Leap Inc. has released on April 19 its newest footage showing off the potential of augmented reality and how this upcoming wearable technology will benefit users down the road. Uploaded via YouTube, this more than two-minute video with the title "A New Morning" demonstrates how users might see when wearing the startup's headset, which it has yet to showcase to the public.....
MIT's New AI May Help Prevent Cyberattacks
Cybersecurity today is executed by either humans or machines, which could have their own challenges – missed attacks because the parameters don’t match rules set by human experts, or systems mistakenly zeroing in on non-threats. So why not combine humans and AI to get the best of both worlds? This is what researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology accomplished with its new artificial intelligence system called AI2.....
Patents forecast technological change - New method uses patent data to estimate a technology’s future rate of improvement.
How fast is online learning evolving? Are wind turbines a promising investment? And how long before a cheap hoverboard makes it to market? Attempting to answer such questions requires knowing something about the rate at which a technology is improving. Now engineers at MIT have devised a formula for estimating how fast a technology is advancing, based on information gleaned from relevant patents. The researchers determined the improvement rates of 28 different technologies, including solar photovoltaics, 3-D printing, fuel-cell technology, and genome sequencing. They searched through the U.S. Patent Office database for patents associated with each domain — more than 500,000 total — by developing a novel method to quickly and accurately select the patents that best represent each technology.....
40 Years of Patent Trends
The text of patent applications is a rich source of data which, indirectly, encodes trends in history, economics, science, and technology (and to some extent, changes in patent law). In this study, trends in the occurrences of words appearing in the titles of patents and patent applications are depicted as an animated word cloud evolving over 40 years (video). Principal component analysis reveals a strong, overarching, 40-year long shift away from words associated with material subject matter and toward the domain of information......
Nestle and Danone teaming on bio-based PET bottles
The world’s two largest bottled water companies are teaming up with a California firm to work on commercial-scale production of containers made of 100 percent bio-based PET. The new effort, called the NaturALL Bottle Alliance, brings together Nestlé SA and Danone along with Origin Materials of West Sacramento, Calif. Coca-Cola Co. has made its PlantBottle, which contains up to 30 percent plant material, famous in recent years. Coke worked with other partners on experimental production of bottles with 100 percent bio-based content. But the new alliance sees a future with commercial production of bottles made from 100 percent renewable PET.
SYNLawn® Introduces New Biobased Synthetic Turf
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- SYNLawn is paving the way for the future by introducing a new biobased and environmentally renewable polyethylene (PE) product made from Brazilian sugar cane that is sustainably grown under some of the strictest environmental, social, and industrial practices in the world. ...
Water-repellent nanotextures found to have excellent anti-fogging abilities
Cone-shaped nanotextures could prevent fog condensation on surfaces in humid environments, including for power generation and transportation applications. Some insect bodies have evolved the abilities to repel water and oil, adhere to different surfaces, and eliminate light reflections. Scientists have been studying the physical mechanisms underlying these remarkable properties found in nature and mimicking them to design materials for use in everyday life....
Improved polymer and new assembly method for ultra-conformable 'electronic tattoo' devices
Researchers have developed processes and materials for ultrathin devices using SBS elastomeric film, achieving ease of production, high elasticity and flexibility fifty times better than previously reported polymer nanosheets. Production of circuits with a household type inkjet printer, without the need for clean room conditions, along with fixing of electronic components without soldering promise to greatly increase wearing comfort and to radically lower barriers to manufacturing......
Wires and supercapacitors constructed inside living plants
In November 2015, the research group presented results showing that they had caused roses to absorb a conducting polymer solution. Conducting hydrogel formed in the rose's stem in the form of wires. With an electrode at each end and a gate in the middle, a fully functional transistor was created. The results were recently presented in Science Advances. One member of the group, Assistant Professor Roger Gabrielsson, has now developed a material specially designed for this application. The material polymerizes inside the rose without any external trigger. The innate fluid that flows inside the rose contributes to create long, conducting threads, not only in the stem but also throughout the plant, out into the leaves and petals....
A low-cost, hand-powered paper centrifuge
Researchers developed a lightweight, ultralow-cost centrifuge based on an ancient toy. The “paperfuge” can separate blood components in less than 2 minutes. The hand-powered device highlights how creative design can be used to make diagnostic tools for use in global settings with limited resources...
'Gyroid' shapes offer potential for future structural plastics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher developed a potential new structural plastic using 3-D printers and graphene. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered new ways to use complex geometry to make strong, lightweight shapes that might be useful as structural materials for airplanes, automobiles and buildings.
3 Global Sun Care Trends Driving Growth Through 2020
As consumers actively seek out effective and reliable sun care products, three trends have emerged that Technavio predicts will help grow the market through 2020: product innovations through technological advancement, demand for private label brands and use of nanotech­nology in product development.... - See more.....
Internet of Things: The Implications for IP Law Practice
Up until now, many IP practitioners have focused on protecting the physical – devices, structures, the configuration of physical systems, physical outputs, the operation of physical systems and physical connections. In Industry 4.0, however, focus needs to remain on the foregoing but thought also needs to be invested in IP protection for methodologies, the configuration of virtual components, data handling and storage, processing algorithms, user interfaces/experiences, methods of use and brand recognition.

The IoT presents a challenge to IP practitioners to adapt existing IP protection strategies by developing new approaches better suited to the rapidly changing, connected-yet-disconnected network of innovations forming the IoT. By opening communications and application programming interfaces (APIs) to more and more collaborator-yet-competitor devices, innovators (i.e., clients) must carefully guard their IP while at the same time facilitating interoperability and security among connected devices. Below, we present the adaptation of some existing strategies as well as thoughts on new strategies for IP protection in the interoperable world of the IoT....
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pigment
Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Germany launched Ronastar Frozen Jewel (INCI not available), a silver premium pearl luster pigment, which complements the Ronastar range with a frosty shine and hiding power. The new pigment imparts a silver sparkle to premium cosmetics and high-quality body care products. The Ronastar Frozen Jewel consists of smooth glass platelets—inorganic calcium-aluminum borosilicate—coated with multiple layers of metal oxides. The particles consist of a size ranging from 20 μm to 200 μm, providing a high reflection of incoming light and measurably stronger than other effect pigments with similar product properties....

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