Patent File 226 Lemongrass essential oil

No. Patent Number Title Abstract
1 CN 103,330,852 Application of lemongrass oil extract in treatment of atherosclerosis. The invention relates to the field of natural medicines and in particular relates to an application of a lemongrass oil extract in treatment of atherosclerosis. Pharmacodynamic experiments show that the lemongrass oil extract can improve experimental atherosclerosis rabbit hemorheology indexes, and the lemongrass oil extract also has an antioxidant effect and can treat experimental atherosclerosis by virtue of antioxidation.
2 US 5,403,587 Disinfectant and sanitizing compositions based on essential oils The present invention provides an aqueous antimicrobial composition containing one or more essential oils which exhibit antimicrobial properties and which can be combined with a water carrier and a solubilizing or dispersing agent to form a solution or a dispersion of the essential oil in the water carrier, said essential oil exhibiting antimicrobial properties when incorporated in said water carrier.
3 US 2015/0,209,295 Essential oil microparticles and uses thereof for preventing enteric diseases The present invention relates to a microparticle containing essential palmarosa and lemongrass oils for controlling enteric diseased caused by microorganisms. More specifically, the microparticle according to the present invention can be used for controlling enteric infections caused by pathogenic bacteria in humans and animals, and can be used as an alternative to the administration of antibiotics for that purpose. The microparticle can be used in the veterinary and pharmaceutical fields and can be administered orally.
4 CN 103,361,179 Extraction method of lemongrass essential oil The invention relates to an extraction method of lemongrass essential oil, belonging to the technical field of plant essential oil extraction. According to the invention, a solvent extraction method and a low-temperature distillation method are mainly used for extraction. The method comprises the following steps: repeatedly pouring an petroleum ether solvent on the pre-extracted lemongrass; putting the lemongrass into a distiller, heating at the lower part to generate steam so as to ensure that the essential oil of the lemongrass is volatilized along with the steam; collecting and cooling the steam containing the essential oil after passing through a pipe connected with the distiller; cooling the steam into liquor, and separating according to the ratio of water to essential oil and the difference of densities. The lemongrass extractive contains multiple types of nutrient substances, and can be widely used for additives of products such as foods, cosmetics and medicines.
5 CN 103,031,213 Lemongrass dehydration method capable of preparing lemongrass essential oil incidentally The invention provides a lemongrass dehydration method capable of preparing lemongrass essential oil incidentally. The dehydration method comprises a step of drying and dehydrating the lemongrass by using a closed dryer, and also comprises a step of collecting the steam, a step of condensing the steam, a step of filtering by an ultra-filtration membrane, a step of filtering by a nano-filtration membrane and a reverse osmosis concentrating step, wherein the concentrated solution obtained after the reverse osmosis concentrating step is lemongrass essential oil, and the permeate liquid is lemongrass essence. By adoption of the method, the steam generated in the lemongrass dehydration drying process is likely to be collected and in which the contained vanilla essential oil is separated, thus the excellent economic effects of making waste profitable and making maximum use of lemongrass are achieved.
6 CN 103,333,745 Method of extracting lemongrass essential oil based on supercritical CO2 extraction technology The invention discloses a method of extracting lemongrass essential oil based on a supercritical CO2 extraction technology. The method comprises the steps of screening, drying, smashing and extracting lemongrass, wherein in the step of extracting the lemongrass, a temperature of an extraction kettle is set to be 38 DEG C; extraction pressure is 30Mpa; the extraction time is 120min; a volume flow rate of a solvent CO2 is 16L/h; during extraction, alcohol serves as an entrainer; and a mass concentration of alcohol is 70%. The method is simple to operate; a yield of the separated essential oil is high; and the method is small in equipment size, less in investment, low in energy consumption and short in time, and is an ideal method of extracting the lemongrass essential oil.
7 CN 104,893,816 Method used for refining essential oil from lemongrass The invention provides a method used for refining essential oil from lemongrass. The method comprises following steps: step 1, lemongrass is washed, dried in the air, and smashed into powder with a particle size smaller than 100 meshes; step 2, ether liquid state butane solvent is poured onto lemongrass powder for preextraction for a plurality of times, and the lemongrass powder is delivered into a distiller for distillation so as to obtain steam containing lemongrass essential oil; step 3, the steam containing lemongrass essential oil is subjected to adsorption treatment with an adsorbent; step 4, the steam delivered through the adsorbent is delivered into a cooling tower for cooling; and step 5, the steam is cooled to be a condensate liquid, and the condensate liquid is delivered into an oil-water separation tower so as to obtain lemongrass essential oil via separation. According to the method, solvent extraction and low temperature distillation are adopted for extraction, yield of lemongrass essential oil is increased, energy is saved, the method is simple, no pollution is caused by extraction processes, and oil yield is increased by about 20% compared with that of a conventional steam distillation method.
8 CN 104,928,039 Preparation method for lemongrass essential oil The invention provides a preparation method for lemongrass essential oil. The lemongrass essential oil is prepared by the following steps of 1, cleaning lemongrass leaves, pressing the lemongrass leaves in a presser, and filtering pressed liquid to obtain lemongrass filtrate; 2, sterilizing the lemongrass filtrate; 3, adding sodium chloride in an amount which is 15 percent based on the weight of the pressed liquid of lemongrass to be mixed with the sterilized lemongrass filtrate, and standing the mixed liquid for 2 days; 4, performing distillation treatment on the mixed liquid in a distiller to obtain lemongrass essential oil-containing steam; 5, cooling the steam into liquid, and feeding the condensate into an oil-water separation tower to separate the lemongrass essential oil. According to the preparation method, the lemongrass essential oil is obtained by a steam distillation method, so that the yield of the lemongrass essential oil is increased, energy resources are saved, a process is simple, fewer impurities are produced, and high quality is ensured.