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1 WO 2016/043,524 Composition for preventing or alleviating periodontal diseases, containing, as active ingredient, mangosteen extract or α- or γ- mangosteen The present invention provides a composition for preventing, alleviating or treating periodontal diseases, containing a mangosteen extract. The composition of the present invention contains a mangosteen extract or α-mangosteen or γ-mangosteen isolated therefrom, thereby exhibiting excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on pathogens of periodontal diseases, and thus can be widely used in medicine and food for preventing, alleviating or treating periodontal diseases.  
2 CN 1,436,786 Extraction process of mangosteen glycoside from mangosteen The extraction process of mangosteen glycoside from fresh mangosteen fruit has water as extracting solvent and includes mainly microfiltering, ultrafiltering and nano filtering. The microfiltering iswith porous filtering membrane of 0.05-0.3 micron pores; the ultrafiltering is to use hollow fiber ultrafiltering membrane for intercepting matter of molecular weight 20000-80000; and the nano filtering is to use nano filtering membrane for intercepting matter of molecular weight 100-400 or is to concentrate with RO reverse osmosis apparatus. The process is performed under low temperature condition, and this results in good product color, dissolvability, clarity and taste, less loss of active components, lowered power consumption and cost, high product yield and quality.  
3 JP 2003/231,607 Mangosteen extract and antimicrobial deodorant containing the same PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a mangosteen extract which does not exhibit a deep color/ color deepening by oxidation during extraction, cleaning, drying and processing processes and has excellent antimicrobial and deodorizing action in a low concentration on offensive smell/malodor caused by proliferation of harmful microorganisms, and an antimicrobial deodorant containing the same. ;SOLUTION: The mangosteen extract is obtained by immersing a mangosteen fruit in a water-containing organic solvent to give a solution, distilling away the organic solvent from the solution to give a precipitate, filtering off and/or centrifuging the precipitate and cleaning the precipitate with a liquid containing an acid and/or a reducing agent as an inhibitor for the deep color/color deepening. The antimicrobial deodorant containing the mangosteen extract is then obtained.  
4 CN 101,028,070 Mangosteen extract, its production and use A mangosteen extract in the form of red-brown paste or pink powder used for health-care food or beverage is prepared from mangosteen fruit through extracting in water or low-carbon alcohol chosen from methanol, ethanol, propanol, isopropanol and butanol, filtering, concentrating, chromatography to obtain pasty product, and drying to obtain powder product.  
5 JP 2013/107,882 Mangosteen extract To provide a mangosteen extract having high antioxidation activity. ;SOLUTION: In this mangosteen extract, the ORAC value per gram is 3,900-10,000 [mu]molTE. The mangosteen extract is obtained by a production method including the step of subjecting a raw pericarp or a defrosted frozen pericarp to short-time hot water treatment.  
6 CN 101,904,880 Mangosteen total xanthone extract and application thereof in preparation of TR3 receptor inducer The invention discloses a mangosteen total xanthone extract and a preparation method thereof and well as application in the preparation of a TR3 receptor inducer, belonging to the field of pharmaceuticals and foods. The mangosteen total xanthone extract is applied to preparing foods or medicines for preventing or treating cancers, hepatitis or atherosclerosis as the TR3 receptor inducer. The TR3 receptor inducer and pharmaceutically-acceptable vectors are mixed to prepare powders, tablets, capsules, pills, suppositories, dropping pills, enteric-coated agents, injections, syrups, emulsions, suspensions, tinctures, ointments or sprays.; Based on a mechanism that TR3 is possible to be an ideal molecular target for screening anti-tumor and cardiovascular medicines, the invention discovers and develops compounds for selectively controlling the TR3 expression approach or medicine compositions with the advanced treating characteristic and has practical meaning.  
7 US 2006/0,088,643 Neutraceutical composition containing mangosteen pericarp extract A neutraceutical beverage comprising pericarp extract from the Garcinia mangostana L. (mangosteen) plant, and juice from mangosteen fruit pulp, preferably combined with juice from at least one of four other ingredients selected from red grapes, lycium, sea buckthorn, and apple, preferably obtained from powdered extract of mangosteen pericarp and a mixture of fruit concentrate and/or powdered fruit and/or fruit extract In a preferred embodiment the neutraceutical beverage comprises mangosteen pericarp extract and juice from each of mangosteen fruit pulp, red grapes, lycium, sea buckthorn, and apple. The mangosteen pericarp extract can be obtained by a process in which mangosteen pericarp is extracted with ethanol, for example, a 50% ethanol, 50% water solution, and the extract is dried under vacuum. The beverage optionally can include one or more additional fruit juices or concentrates, or fruit or plant extracts, such as concord grape concentrate, blueberry concentrate, red raspberry concentrate, powdered green tea extract, powdered grape seed extract, and powdered grape skin extract.  
8 US 2009/0,062,378 Nutraceutical mangosteen composition Nutraceutical compositions derived from the fruit of the Garcinia mangostana L. or mangosteen plant and methods to make the same are provided. The nutraceutical mangosteen compositions employ novel combinations of mangosteen fruit pulp and pericarp, and can be additionally complemented by selected juice concentrates to yield a composition for improving general health and wellness in humans. The methods to make the nutraceutical compositions involve the use of a mixture comprising pericarp and inner pulp from whoe fruit of a Garcinia mangostana L. plant.  

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