Patent File 225 Beverages from lemongrass

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1 CN 101,926,398 Granular green tea with verbena, lemon grass and sweet orange and preparation method thereof The invention relates to a preparation method of granular green tea with verbena, lemon grass and sweet orange, which comprises the following steps of: washing lemon grass, lemon verbena and green tea; slitting; drying; selecting; sterilizing; crushing into powder with the grain diameter of 300 meshes by using an ultramicro crushing system; mixing the powder evenly; adding concentrated sweet orange juice in proportion, preparing into 2.0-3.0mm granules by using a high-efficiency rotating granulator; drying; sieving; sterilizing; and bagging. The granular green tea with verbena, lemon grass and sweet orange comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 31.5%-39.1% of lemon grass; 11.6%-18.9% of lemon verbena; 45.5% -53.2% of green tea and 3.4%-4.7% of sweet orange solids.; By the preparation method, green tea can achieve unique flavors of vanilla and sweet orange, is shaped into granules and convenient for brewing so that the efficacies of vanilla and green tea can be developed fully, moreover, the varieties and designs of the green tea can be increased to meet the demands of consumers.
2 CN 104,293,578 Lemon grass mulberry wine The invention discloses lemon grass mulberry wine which is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 500-550 parts of mulberry, 100-120 parts of huckleberry, 100-120 parts of date powder, 10-13 parts of fresh lemon grass, 10-12 parts of arabian jasmine flower, 3-4 parts of distiller yeast, 30-40 parts of wheat bran, 10-15 parts of lotus powder, 20-23 parts of cane sugar, 7-8 parts of polygonum multiflorum, and the like. The invention discloses the lemon grass mulberry wine, lemon grass, arabian jasmine flower and the like are mixed to prepare distiller yeast, the fragrant taste is achieved, the fragrance of fruit wine is improved, and as traditional Chinese medicine materials such as polygonum multiflorum, astragalus membranaceus, angelica sinensis and liquorice are mixed to be fermented, functions of blackening hair and tonifying spleen are achieved.
3 CN 104,137,886 Lemon grass tea vinegar milky tea and preparation method thereof The invention discloses a lemon grass tea vinegar milky tea which is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 100-120 parts of skimmed milk powder, 20-30 parts of white sugar, 10-15 parts of honey, 30-40 parts of broadleaf holly leaf powder, 10-15 parts of lemon-grass, 2-3 parts of boxthorn leaves, 4-5 parts of moutan bark, 7-8 parts of turmeric, 8-10 parts of hawthorn, 4-5 parts of cape jasmine, 2-3 parts of circium japonicum, 3-4 parts of serrate rabdosia herb, 1-2 parts of fructus piperis longi, 20-30 parts of nutrition powder and a defined amount of acetic bacteria. The lemon grass tea vinegar milky tea is prepared by adopting the following steps: fermenting broadleaf holly leaves, lemon grass and Chinese medicinal herbs by using acetic acid bacteria to prepare tea vinegar, and then adding the tea vinegar together with nutrition powder made from oat kernels, water chestnut leaves and barley grass powder into milky tea. The lemon grass tea vinegar milky tea is special in flavor, sour and sweet and is rich in nutrients, and has effects of tonifying the spleen and the stomach, reducing fever and causing diuresis, helping produce saliva and slake thirst, wetting the whistle and relieving cough, reducing blood pressure and losing weight, beautifying skin, and preventing and treating cancer.
4 CN 104,397,293 Lemongrass and red date tea and production process thereof The invention discloses a lemongrass and red date tea and a production process thereof. The production process comprises the steps that dry stems of lemongrass, dry leaves of the lemongrass and dry red dates are prepared, then the dry stems of the lemongrass, the dry leaves of the lemongrass, the dry red dates and Chinese wolfberries are mixed in the weight proportion of (2-3):1:(10-12):5, and the lemongrass and red date tea is obtained. The production process is simple, no food additives are added, and the lemongrass and red date tea is natural, healthy, unique in taste, aromatic and delicious and has the health care effects of refreshing, replenishing qi and nourishing blood, warming the middle, invigorating stomach, removing food retention, helping digestion, clearing heat, removing toxicity, moistening lung to arrest cough and the like.
5 CN 104,804,922 Lemongrass beer and preparation technology thereof The invention relates to lemongrass beer and a preparation technology thereof. The beer comprises the following raw materials in percent by weight: 0.55-0.72% of beer yeast, 80.25-87.5% of water, 1.2-2.4% of lemongrass extracting solution, 4-8% of glucose and 10-15% of degermed corn. The preparation technology comprises the following steps: step 1, selecting fresh lemongrass, cleaning the selected fresh lemongrass, placing the fresh lemongrass cleaned in water for extraction, filtering to obtain the lemongrass extracting solution, and refrigerating the lemongrass extracting solution in a refrigerator with the temperature of 4 DEG C for standby; step 2, weighing the raw materials according to the weight percent, smashing rice and the degermed corn and enable the smashed rice and degermed corn to pass through a screen of 80-100 meshes, placing in a mash kettle, adding water, heating at the temperature of 72-80 DEG C for 30-50 min, and filtering to obtain a filtrate; step 3, adding the lemongrass extracting solution into the filtrate, stirring, adding the beer yeast and the glucose, performing vacuum fermentation at the temperature of 5-7 DEG C for 10-18h, filtering and sterilizing, so as to obtain the lemongrass beer. The lemongrass beer has an anti-virus effect and a good market prospect.
6 CN 104,938,660 Preparation method of lemon lemongrass tea The invention provides a preparation method of lemon lemongrass tea, which comprises the following steps: picking, sunning, withering, rocking, rolling, fermenting, drying, and naturally fermenting for 10-15 months in a warehouse to obtain the lemon lemongrass tea. The preparation technology is strict, the prepared lemon lemongrass tea has the advantages of thick tea fragrance, rich mouthfeel, long storage time, and no mildew generation.
7 JPH 01,206,977 Production of lemongrass for beverage To obtain the lemongrass of good taste, enhanced in nutrient value and pharmacological effect, by mixing the chopped or crushed product from lemongrass leaves and green tea leaves, chopped or crushed product therefrom in specified proportion. CONSTITUTION:Firstly, the leaves of lemongrass such as Andropogen citratus are chopped or crushed. Thence, 100pts.wt. of the resultant chopped or crushed product is mixed with 900-50pts.wt. of chopped or crushed product from e.g., green tea leaves, thus obtaining the objective lemongrass.

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