English Title : New consumers label… pay attention to consumers.
Author : อรอนงค์ มหัคฆพงค์
SourceFOOD FOCUS THAILAND ปีที่ 6 ฉบับที่ 63 ว/ด/ป มิ.ย. 2554 หน้า 52-59
Abstract : Food and Drug Administration or FDA prepare to improve consumers label display all of food and ready drinks must show nutrition values to consumers in easy way to read and understand, can choose food that suitable in daily needs. New consumers label are Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) will show necessary nutrition such as fat energy, saturated fat, sugar and salt compare in percents of daily intake in front of package outside nutrition information, Traffic light color labeling use traffic light to explain meaning of nutrition amount in label by use green color for small amount, yellow for moderate amount and red for high amount. Which 2 labels above have pro and cons in different level entrepreneur must make people to understand in all ages.