Patent File 224 Cosmetics from lemongrass

No. Patent Number Title Abstract
1 WO 2010/018,526 Composition for treatment of the skin A natural composition comprising myrtle berries; seaweed; and at least two of tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, evening primrose oil, ginger, jojoba oil, neem oil, and chamomile, and uses thereof for treatment of skin conditions.
2 JPH 07,277,920 Cosmetic containing steam-distilled water and/or extract of lemongrass To effectively utilize steam-distilled water distilled away on a process for producing a lemongrass oil and a lemongrass extract for a cosmetic. CONSTITUTION:This cosmetic relates to steam-distilled water of a leaf or a stem of a lemongrass or a mixture thereof or/and a cosmetic containing an extract obtained by extraction with a water-soluble solvent. This stem-distilled water or cosmetic or both can be applied to all the forms of preparations (medicines, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, etc.). The cosmetic has high safety and an excellent fragrance and is capable of manifesting excellent effects on the skin and hair of the head.
3 CN 104,856,905 Hydrolat containing cymbopogon citratus The invention provides hydrolat containing cymbopogon citratus, which is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 15-20 parts of cymbopogon citratus extracting solution, 50-70 parts of deionized water, 5-7 parts of humectant, 5-8 parts of kiwi seed extracting solution and 1-3 parts of collagen extracting solution. The hydrolat is easy to absorb, has no irritation effect on skin, does not influence the recovery capability of the skin, and has effects of shrinking pores, balancing oil, moistening the skin and avoiding skin laxity and wrinkle.
4 CN 103,356,415 Lemon-grass essence cleansing nutritious emulsion The invention relates to a lemon-grass essence cleansing nutritious emulsion, belonging to the technical field of daily-use chemical cleaning care products. The lemon-grass essence cleansing nutritious emulsion is prepared by mixing the following substances according to a certain ratio: lemon-grass essence, natural marine polysaccharide, glycerol, polyethylene glycol, a foaming agent, Vitamin E oil and an emulgator. The lemon-grass essence cleansing nutritious emulsion has strong cleansing capacity, can effectively remove skin impurity, removes stubborn make-up mark, is mild, has no stimulation, takes the lemon-grass as a main component, contains rich vitamin C, eliminates edema and unnecessary fat, adjusts grease secretion, promotes blood circulation, nourishes skin and can be used for a long time to improve the skin.
5 CN 104,771,346 Lemongrass liquid soap and preparation method thereof The invention discloses a lemongrass liquid soap and a preparation method thereof. The liquid soap comprises the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 10 to 15% of lemongrass extract, 5 to 8% of glycerin, 0.5 to 0.8% of vitamin E, 2 to 5% of sodium chloride, 5 to 10% of pearl powder, 1 to 5% of lard, 1 to 3% of triethanolamine dodecyl sulfate, 1 to 3% of critic acid, and the balance being deionized water. The preparation method comprises the following steps: step one, preparing lemongrass extract; step two, weighing needed raw materials, mixing glycerin, lard, and triethanolamine dodecyl sulfate, stirring, and heating to obtain a mixture A; step two, mixing vitamin E, sodium chloride, critic acid, and deionized water, heating under stirring, adding lemongrass extract and pearl powder when the solution is still hot, stirring, and maintaining the temperature to obtain a mixture B; step four, adding the mixture A into the mixture B, and homogenizing to obtain the liquid soap. The preparation method is simple, and the liquid soap has a good effect on killing and inhibiting bacteria.
6 CN 104,323,941 Lemon-grass peppermint facial mask and preparation method thereof The invention discloses a lemon-grass peppermint facial mask and a preparation method thereof. The facial mask is prepared from the following components in percentage by mass: 11-12 percent of polyvinyl alcohol, 4.5-5 percent of propylene glycol, 4.5-5 percent of ethanol, 0.5-1 percent of vitamin E, 1-1.5 percent of jojoba oil, 0.8-1 percent of water-soluble azone, 0.4-0.6 percent of BP, 10-20 percent of lemon-grass extract, 10-15 percent of peppermint extract, 0.2 percent of essence and the balance of distilled water. The lemon-grass peppermint facial mask is capable of controlling oil and tightening pores, and remarkably improving acne, pimples and dark skin.
7 CN 104,940,051 Lemon-grass perfume The invention discloses a lemon-grass perfume which is characterized by comprising the following volume components: basic essential oil, an essential oil emulsifier and 95% ethanol which is added until the total amount is 100 parts. The lemon-grass perfume disclosed by the invention takes lemon-grass volatile oil extracted from lemon-grass as a main component, and has obvious oxidation resistance, antibacterial property and antivirus property, the obtained perfume has a delicate aroma of lemon, and the aroma is harmonious and natural and lasts for a long time, so that the lemon-grass perfume has a very high application value and a broad market prospect.
8 CN 104,862,130 Preparation method of cymbopogon citratus handmade soap The invention provides a preparation method of a cymbopogon citratus handmade soap. The preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing the following raw materials in parts by weight: 20-30 parts of cymbopogon citratus, 50-60 parts of a transparent soap base, 10-13 parts of glycerol, and 1-3 parts of synergetic essential oil; selecting the fresh cymbopogon citratus leaves, cleaning the leaves clearly, adding 5-10 times of clear water, boiling for 1-3 hours with soft fire at the temperature of 90-120 DEG C, filtering, and taking the filtrate to obtain the cymbopogon citratus liquid; placing the transparent soap base into a glass container, heating the glass container at the temperature of 40-60 DEG C under the water insulation condition, and stirring to enable the transparent soap base to be completely molten; adding the cymbopogon citratus liquid obtained in the step 2, and the other raw materials of glycerol and the synergetic essential oil into the molten transparent soap base, uniformly stirring, pouring the stirred liquid into a mixer with the revolving speed of 400-600 rpm, and stirring for 30-50 minutes to obtain the soap liquid; pouring the soap liquid obtained in the step 4 into a mold, and placing the mold in a vacuum drier to be dried for 20-30 hours to obtain a crude product; taking out the crude product obtained in the step 5 from the mold, and placing at the room temperature for 2-5 days to obtain the cymbopogon citratus handmade soap. The preparation method is simple in production process and ensures the cymbopogon citratus handmade soap to be comfortable and healthy to use.

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